August 29, 2016

Taste Indian, Pakistani and Persian Cuisines at Spice of Bukhara Kabob House

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If you’re hoping for a dose of flavorful food to switch up your regular weekly dinner routine or you just want to venture out and try a new cuisine, stop into Spice of Bukhara Kabob House on Michigan Avenue Northeast in Exmouth Market. The restaurant serves a mix of Indian, Pakistani and Persian cuisine in a relaxed setting just about a mile from Rhode Island Row apartments.

The inside of Spice of Bukhara Kabob House is simple and straightforward, with the entire menu is displayed on a board above the front counter where guests can place an order for their food. Some items are in the display case at the front of the restaurant, but most are made to order in the kitchen. There is a lot to choose from when it comes to the menu selection, and delivery service is even available if you prefer to take your food to go.

Spice of Bukhara Kabob House

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