April 10, 2017

Find French Fare in Foggy Bottom at Point Chaud Café & Crepes

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Everyone knows that Washington DC is an international city, so international fare is a must when eating your way through the nation’s capital. For a little French inspiration in the Foggy Bottom neighborhood of the city, check out Point Chaud Café & Crepes. Located just four miles from Rhode Island Row apartments, Point Chaud Café & Crepes is a new but welcome addition to the area.

Passersby can see the crepes being made in real time from the large front windows. The menu features a variety of both savory and sweet crepes, and lots of flavors to boot. The sweet crepes have everything from fresh fruit and jam to nut butters and chocolate sauce and honey. If you want something to satisfy your salty cravings, try the house special crepe, with two eggs, two slices of smoked turkey and extra cheese.

The café is open every day of the week for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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