January 29, 2020

Savor Small Plate at Emilie’s, Now Open Near Rhode Island Row

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Chef Kevin Tien has a unique culinary perspective thanks to his childhood. He grew up in Louisiana and California as a first-generation Asian-American, and his menu at Emilie’s reflects that experience. Since the restaurant made its debut in October, its globally inspired tapas have been making waves in the local culinary scene.

Call up a few foodie friends and grab a table at Emilie’s to savor some of Chef Kevin’s cuisine. Order a slew of the small plates so you can sample a variety of different flavors alongside your dining companions. Try the scallop crudo with crispy okra, curry leaves, and chili oil paired with the sweet potato dressed in pumpkin seed mole, cotija cheese, and a spritz of lime. Devour the flat iron steak with broccoli and Chinese mustard as you nosh on the ranch fried chicken with Texas toast and B&B pickles. Complement your feast with a seasonal cocktail, such as the Absinthe Frappe, or a glass of fine wine.

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