January 17, 2018

Begin a Healthy, Plant-Based Diet at Shouk

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If you’re looking to get out of your lunch-hour rut, Shouk on K Street might be just the thing for you. A healthy and plant-based alternative to the fast food standards, this Mount Vernon lunch spot has garnered high praise from social media reviewers and critics alike.

Here’s how it works: first, choose whether you’d like a pita, a rice and lentil bowl, a salad, or a veggie burger. Then, choose the fillings you want to include in your main dish. Popular choices include black beans and sweet potato with arugula, ratatouille with chickpeas and tahina, or cauliflower with tomato, scallions, and parsley. Finally, choose your sides (regulars say the polenta fries are a must-try) and a drink. You can even have craft beer or wine on tap alongside your meal. Yelpers attest that vegetarians and meat-eaters alike will find plenty to enjoy on the menu.

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