April 26, 2018

Tension Melts Away at Past Tense’s Yoga Classes

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At Past Tense, yoga instructors carefully balance ancient traditions with creativity and innovation. That’s why they offer both classic Vinyasa and Yin yoga classes, as well as more modern forms of practice geared toward contemporary yogis. From total novices to advanced pupils, there’s something for everyone on the schedule.

Newbies should start at Beginner Yoga, a level 1 class that teaches the basic postures and breathing techniques of yoga with a focus on alignment. Then move onto the Flow class, a Vinyasa-style session that presents more of a challenge with its quick pace and smooth transitions from one pose to the next. If you only have a midday break to squeeze in your practice, check out the hour-long lunch class, and if you want to kick off your weekend in a healthy way, head to happy hour yoga at Past Tense.

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