May 24, 2018

Try Your Hand at a Fun New Hobby at Bad Axe Throwing

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Chucking an ax at a large wooden target might seem like an odd pastime, but it’s long been a source of backyard entertainment in Canada. That’s why the founder of Bad Axe Throwing opened the first location in Ontario before crossing into international territory. Today, Bad Axe has locations around the U.S., including one in Washington, DC.

Come to the Langdon Park outpost to try this fun and athletic activity for yourself. After a quick rundown of safety procedures and a tutorial on the proper way to hurl an ax, you and your crew will be set loose to take aim at the target. If you have a large group, you may want to call ahead to reserve an ax-throwing area. However, Bad Axe Throwing offers walk-in hours on an almost daily basis if you make plans last minute.

Bad Axe Throwing

Public Domain/Pixabay/markusspiske
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