October 15, 2021

What’s Your Favorite Sorbet Flavor at Alco Helado?

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At Alco Helado, you’ll enjoy spiked ice cream and sorbet with a gourmet twist. Five percent alcohol by volume, the frozen treats are available for takeout and delivery throughout DC. Sample flavors ranging from cake batter and green apple martini ice cream to mango margarita and pina colada sorbet. The alcohols mixed in include whiskey, tequila, vodka, and rum, depending on which flavor you purchase. If you order the green apple martini, for example, you’ll enjoy a treat made with Smirnoff green apple vodka, while the mango margarita is created with Bacardi Superior white rum.

Alco Helado began when owners Tim Bryson and Brian Dunbar Jr. came up with the plan to make an alcohol-infused dessert. They spent a few years working to create the right amount of sweetness and bold liquor flavor in each frozen treat. In 2020, they opened their doors to the public, making their dream become a reality.

Purchase a pint of one of their yummy flavors, and be sure to indulge responsibly!

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